The Cure now available online

The Cure now available online

All our episodes of Al Jazeera’s The Cure for this series are now available online. We went to Niger, Gaza, Texas, Sweden and Ohio in a search for astounding medical advances and were touched by the stories of the patients and doctors working under incredible conditions and with amazing new technology.

Vaccine Pioneers: Saving Children in Niger
Can a new heat-resistant vaccine for the highly contagious rotavirus save the lives of children in Niger?

The Vibrating Vest
A lightweight wearable vest covered in sensors helps deaf people ‘hear’ by converting words into vibrations.

Operation Gaza
Two surgeons, 322km apart, attempt the first augmented reality surgery in the Middle East.

Bionic Arm
We see how one of the most cutting-edge prosthetic advancements in the world includes the ability to touch and feel.

Surgery Without Scalpels
How a new ultrasound treatment allows surgery without scalpels for those suffering from an “essential tremor”.