Grain Media was started in 2006 by Jon Drever and Orlando von Einsiedel, two chaps from extreme sports backgrounds. They threw themselves in to the deep end by winning a 14 part TV series in their mid twenties. Since those exciting (and scary) early days, Grain has grown into a genre-spanning film production company, winning over 100 international film and advertising awards, including an Oscar, an EMMY and a Peabody, as well as BAFTA, DGA, PGA and Royal Television Society nominations.

You may know us for the feature documentary VIRUNGA, superHero romcom SUPERBOB and Netflix original THE WHITE HELMETS.


Grain Media Ltd
Unit 3 Ashby Space
Ashby Mews

+44 (0)208-690-1010

[email protected]

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Nice things people say about us

“The team at Grain are the best in the business. Reliable, flexible, always able to deliver whatever the budget and timescale. They’ve got a great attitude and are willing to get stuck in creatively.”

Tom Winterton, Senior Account Director, Citizen Relations


“Grain Media are an absolute joy to work with. They’ve produced a huge number of films for Al Jazeera English from every corner of the globe, and have done so to the highest standards. They approach each job with creativity and the utmost professionalism, winning awards for Al Jazeera in the process.”
Neil Cairns, Series Producer, Al Jazeera English


“It’s been a pleasure working with the folks at Grain Media. Tenacious in finding stories, true to their values and to their protagonists, and a fantastically collaborative team. Couldn’t be prouder of them for their work on Virunga.”
Maxyne Franklin, Director, BRITDOC Foundation

Production Contacts

  • Alex “…is…” Moore


    Alex is our Chief Executive Officer and is saluted by the team every morning as he heads out to meetings carrying our mission statement, our flag and a wodge of witty pitches. He can also bake a cake in the shape of any technology of your choosing.

    Get in touch with him for new business enquiries.
    [email protected]

  • Adam “Mitch Buchannon” Mitchenall

    Head of Production

    Adam occasionally calls himself “the poor man’s Stephen Merchant”, but we think Merchant is a poor Mitchenell. Adam is here to streamline our productions and make sure everything runs smoothly. He’s the Black Beard of our mighty ship. But slightly more ginger. He’s the Auburn Beard of our mighty ship.

    Get in touch with him for commercials enquiries.
    [email protected]

  • Amelia “High Horse” Franklin

    Head of Post-Production

    Winner of Brixton’s “Owner Who Looks Most Like Their Dog” contest 1990, Amelia is the bedrock of Grain, and by that we don’t just mean rock hard and craggy. She’s the one person who really knows what’s going on round here, always first in and last to leave (like that bloke you didn’t realise you’d invited to your party) she’s the glue of Team Grain. She has a heart of gold, she just keeps it in the freezer to make it last longer.

    Get in touch for Post-Production enquiries.
    [email protected]

  • Richard “Ricky Ticky Tarvy” Jephcote

    Cinematographer / Facilites Manager

    Not many people have their own theme tune. Ricky Ticky Tarvey has two. RTT runs our kit hire business and is also a dab hand behind the lens. He can take a camera apart, rebuild it using gaffa tape and old cabbages, and escape from enemy hands whilst delivering an important moral message. If you’ve got a tech question, give him a call. If you have a Dr Who question, give him a call. If you want someone to make you tea, best not to call.

    [email protected]

  • Alice ‘Post-Fact’ Martineau

    Researcher / Production Assistant

    Alice started at Grain with an electrifying internship and returned swiftly as our Researcher and PA. By day she hunts stories and facts which she delivers in daily over-lunch lectures and at night she sits owl-like in the Grain Archives, gathering information to her and using it to feather her nest.

    Get in touch with her at.
    [email protected]