Grain Media was started in 2006 by Jon Drever and Orlando von Einsiedel, two chaps from extreme sports backgrounds. They threw themsleves in to the deep end by winning a 14 part TV series in their mid twenties. Since those exciting (and scary) early days, Grain has grown into a genre-spanning production company, winning over 70 international awards, including a Peabody, as well as Oscar, BAFTA and Royal Television Society nominations.

Grain’s output is incredibly diverse. Our time is split fairly evenly between documentary and commercial work for a huge variety of clients. We occasionally (at special times, like the equinox) combine those genres into branded content docs.

We also make feature films, which means we can strut around the office pulling at our braces, smoking big cigars and shouting “It’s the movies, baby!” in American accents.

We try not to be too serious about stuff, and we always make sure our work is of the highest possible standard. We are bloody brilliant, and if you don’t believe us, just ask our Mums. They proper love us.

Nice things people say about us

“The team at Grain are the best in the business. Reliable, flexible, always able to deliver whatever the budget and timescale. They’ve got a great attitude and are willing to get stuck in creatively.”

Tom Winterton, Senior Account Director, Citizen Relations


“Grain Media are an absolute joy to work with. They’ve produced a huge number of films for Al Jazeera English from every corner of the globe, and have done so to the highest standards. They approach each job with creativity and the utmost professionalism, winning awards for Al Jazeera in the process.”
Neil Cairns, Series Producer, Al Jazeera English


“It’s been a pleasure working with the folks at Grain Media. Tenacious in finding stories, true to their values and to their protagonists, and a fantastically collaborative team. Couldn’t be prouder of them for their work on Virunga.”
Maxyne Franklin, Director, BRITDOC Foundation

Production Contacts