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**** EMPIRE    |   **** THE TIMES    |     **** EVENING STANDARD    |    **** DEN OF GEEK    |    **** LONDONIST


Brett Goldstein, Catherine Tate and Natalia Tena, the feature length version of our short film, SuperBob, was shot in the summer of 2013.


In 2008, Robert Kenner, a mild mannered postman from Peckham, South London was struck by a meteor which bestowed him with super powers.  Six years later, Bob is an overworked underappreciated “civil servant” for the British government. He spends most waking hours saving people and filling out forms.  There has been no time for anything else.  Least of all love.  But today he has a day off.  And best of all, he has a date with the woman he once met at the library.  Now all he has to do is act as if this isn’t the most exciting day of his life.  Apparently that puts people off.

Release: 2014

Director: Jon Drever

Writers: Brett Goldstein, Will Bridges, Jon Drever (story)

Producers: Robert Jones, Wayne Godfrey, Jon Drever


“enormously endearing”….”hilarious”….”One of the year’s most unexpected delights” – EMPIRE

“charmingly inventive…hugely empathetic central performance” – THE TIMES

“It’s funny, touching and delightful for the duration…” – DEN OF GEEK

“sharp-witted lines, bold visual gags” – TIMEOUT

“an irreverent, playful piece of cinema…with heart and poignancy” – TOTAL FILM

“impressed with the ‘scale, ambition and sincerity of SuperBob, a uniquely British take on the superhero movie’.” – CHORTLE